Born on January 1, 1876 in Stuttgart
Murdered in the concentration camp Auschwitz on October 7, 1942
Interned in Weißenstein in November 1941

Eugenie Grünwald, as she was originally called, grew up as the eldest of three siblings in Stuttgart, where her father worked as a merchant. She probably experienced the relative impoverishment of her family as a teenager. At the age of 23, she married Jonas Israel, 10 years her senior, who was living in Switzerland as a wine merchant at the time. Their daughter Meta Blanka was born in Zurich in 1900 and their son Hans Heinz in 1907 in Stuttgart, where the family had lived since 1903.

Eugenie Grünwald in 1925 (Source: State Archives Ludwigsburg)

The marriage was divorced in 1924, Eugenie took her maiden name again and the following year she opened a guesthouse with the beautiful name ‘Daheim’. She was able to run her business successfully well into the Nazi era. Her adult children were able to flee to the USA and Palestine.

Eugenie Grünwald in 1931 (Source: State Archives Ludwigsburg)

At the beginning of November 1941, Mrs. Grünwald had to move into Weißenstein Castle, although she was able to remain in contact with her son by letter. In August 1942, Mrs. Grünwald, who had borne the first name ‘Chana’ since 1939, is said to have gone to Treffelhausen. She was denounced during this trip and on August 14 was sent to the Ravensbrück women’s concentration camp, from where she was deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. There her life ended violently on October 7, 1942.

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