I did not want to go back”

I fought with hands and feet not to go back to Germany. But my husband convinced me, telling me that we should just try it for a year or two. First he commuted between London and Cologne until we decided in 1959 with a heavy heart to move to Cologne. Why did we go there specifically? When my husband took the train to Germany for the first time, his ticket went only as far as Cologne. Then my son enrolled in school, and four years passed very quickly. After that he attended high school (Gymnasium), and we didn’t want to pull him out. In the meantime we tried to find an apartment in London, but that proved to be very, very difficult. I would have gone back if that would have worked out. I kept my British citizenship to this day.”

Fridl Liebermann

Fridl Liebermann (nèe Zitter) (right) and her friend Paula Tabak 1996 (Foto: Henning Kaiser/transparent)