Born on July 10, 1872 in Kobylin/Poznan
Murdered in the Ghetto Theresienstadt concentration camp on September 7, 1942
Interned in Weißenstein in November 1941

As her birthplace is now in Poland, it was not possible to find out much about her family of origin. While still in the former district of Posen/Prussia, Betty married the merchant Josef Grünberg, who was one year older and also came from the region. In September 1898, the young family – their son Martin was born in February – left their home and settled in Sonneberg/Thuringia. The family grew there: Hertha was born in 1899 and daughter Meta in 1902, who died in 1931.

Betty Grünberg (Source: Ludwigsburg State Archives)

In 1914, the family moved to Stuttgart; Josef became a partner in a company there and the Grünbergs moved into their own house in Gänsheidenstraße. Their son Martin studied law, obtained a doctorate in law and opened a practice in Stuttgart in 1932, which he was forced to close at the beginning of the Nazi era. He and his wife fled to the USA in 1938. Betty’s daughter Hertha must also have managed to leave Nazi Germany.

Josef Grünberg died of bowel cancer in January 1941; he and his wife were no longer living in their own house, which they had to sell without being able to dispose of the proceeds. A few months after Josef’s death, at the beginning of November, Betty was forced to move to Weißenstein Castle. From there, she was deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp in August 1942, where she died on September 7.

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